UGG Rain boots – Your Winter’s Staples. Here’s how to style them!

Winter weather outside can be cold and damp, and a pair of all-weather shoes may just not cut it. Hence, most women sacrifice style by wearing frumpy, wool-lined boots to keep warm.

While old-school styles may work on some days, still, there’s nothing more stylish and comfortable than a pair of women’s UGG boots, especially the brand’s oh-so-stylish high rain boots.

Whether running errands or just taking a leisurely walk, these boots keep your feet dry and toasty all winter long. But what do you wear with them? Here are some crafty ways to style your UGG rain boots so you can look fabulous anywhere.

The Different Types of UGG Boots

When the weather outside is frightful, women’s UGG boots are the footwear you can rely on to keep your feet dry and comfortable. There’s a UGG rain boot available in various styles and colours to suit any taste. Here’s a rundown of the different types of UGG rain boots available:

  1. The Classic Rain boot is the original UGG boots style. Available in black or chestnut, this mid-calf boot features a water-resistant rubber upper with a sheepskin lining for extra warmth and comfort.
  2. The Tall Gumboot is a stylish choice for those who want more coverage from the elements. This boot comes up to the knee and is available in black or navy. Like the Classic Rain Boot, it has a water-resistant rubber upper with a sheepskin lining.
  3. The Flora Rain boot is a fun and feminine take on the classic style. This boot features a floral print upper with contrasting black trim. It’s perfect for adding a touch of personality to rainy-day looks.

How to style UGG rain boots?

Due to their basic, seemingly rigid structure, gumboots can be hard to style. Here are some tips on how to style UGG rain boots so you can rock them all season long!

  1. Pair them with skinny jeans. This is probably the most popular way to style rain boots, and for a good reason – it looks great! The key is to tuck your skinny jeans into the boots so there’s no gap. You can also roll the jeans up at the ankle for a more casual look.
  2. Go for a dressier look with a printed dress. If you want to wear your rain boots out on a date or to a more social event, pair them with a printed dress. It’ll add some contrast and make your outfit more interesting. Just make sure that the dress isn’t too short so that you don’t show too much leg when you sit down.
  3. Create a fun and funky look with leggings and a tunic top. This is an excellent option if you want something comfortable but still stylish. And it’s easy to throw on when you’re in a hurry! Make sure the leggings are thick enough not to show any bumps or lines when you sit down.
  4. Keep it simple with shorts and a tee. This is an excellent option for warmer days or if you’re running errands. It’s comfortable, and you don’t have to worry about your clothes getting wet or muddy. Just roll the shorts up, so they don’t get too wet when you walk through puddles.
  5. Add some edge with leather leggings. Leather leggings are a great way to add some edge to your outfit. And they look great with rain boots! Just make sure that the leggings are tight enough so that they don’t bunch up when you sit down.

Strut away

In conclusion, UGG rain boots are a great winter staple. They keep your feet warm and dry, and they look good too. With the proper styling, they can be a versatile addition to any outfit. These tips should help you figure out how to style your pair of UGG rain boots. If you need help finding the perfect pair, check out our selection of UGG rain boots and find the perfect pair for your next outfit.

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