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Top Tips for Creating a Home Office in a Small Space

In today’s modern world, there’s an increasing need to have a dedicated office at home. In part, this has been driven by the rise in remote and hybrid working models that have characterized the past few years.

Whilst the Covid-19 pandemic was a major factor in employees working from home, this trend looks set to continue in the future. Approximately 77% of workers want to continue working from home at least once a week once the pandemic has fully passed and employers are increasingly taking note of this fact. Many of the jobs advertised today offer remote or hybrid forms of working and as such, there’s a greater need for a comfortable home office environment.

If you are considering making such a space in your home, but find that space is a limiting factor, then this article will be of great benefit. It explains three top tips to enable the creation of a home office in an environment where space is at a premium.

Choose a small laptop

Home offices in the past had large tower PCs that took up a considerable amount of space and were bulky and heavy in construction. Thankfully in 2022, there are a range of small and lightweight laptops on the market that have all the computing power that’s needed for a business laptop with the key benefit of being compact and easy to set up in the smallest of spaces.

The progress of technology has been rapid, and today’s compact laptops can even handle gaming applications in addition to common office tasks such as working with databases, creating presentations and effortlessly keeping up to date with emails. If you are considering a new small laptop for your home office, it makes sense to view small laptop deals at lenovo.com. The portability of these devices also means that it’s easy to bring them into the office when required for in-person meetings or presentations.

Maximize light levels

In a small room, it’s likely that there may not be much natural light. Unless you’re lucky enough to work in a home office in a loft conversion which benefits from large skylights, it may be that natural light is at a premium.

Clearly, it’s vitally important to have adequate light levels as you undertake your tasks from your home office. Poor quality lighting will make it difficult to focus for long periods and may make fatigue more likely. To improve the light levels in smaller rooms, choose natural light bulbs that mimic the effect of sunlight as can be found here.

Use minimalist décor

A small home office can quickly become cluttered and claustrophobic if it’s filled with a wide range of décor items. This can make for unpleasant working conditions and can lead to a loss of focus during the working day.

It’s best practice to plan the space with minimalist décor and using neutral, light colour schemes such as shades of white which give a greater impression of space in the room. Keep pictures and ornaments to a minimum and consider adding an indoor houseplant. This will help to improve the air quality of the small room and will also add a calming effect to the space that promotes concentration during working hours.

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