Top Careers with a Degree in Geography

Geography is one of the popular courses, especially at the school level. Generally, people having a knack for knowing the outer world, about space, stars, sun, the solar system, galaxies, and all, have this subject as their favorite. Indeed Geography is one of the coolest subjects you can pursue at your degree level. 

However, maintaining it needs strong hard work, as coming through practicals is one of the hardest things you need to do. However, once you attain a degree in geography, there are multiple career prospects you can attain. There are also several websites that launch course using best platform for selling online courses in this field.

For the ones who love to know about nature, its landscapes, storms, winds, formation, disintegration, and outer space, the subject of Geography is best suitable for them. However, if you’re searching for the careers which you can secure after having a degree in this field, then here are the top careers with a geography degree listed below.


One of the most promising careers which you can attain with a degree in Geography is the job of a Cartographer. Cartographers engage themselves in developing and producing various types of maps and produce related diagrams, create online courses spreadsheets, charts, travel guides, etc. They significantly work on the restoration of old maps as well as historical documents. 

They primarily work in different areas including the government sector, publishing sector, surveying and conversation sector, etc. You don’t need a postgraduate degree to attain this role, as a bachelor’s degree will also make you eligible for the same. The average salary of a Cartographer in India is over INR 3 lakhs.

Environmental Consultant

Another excellent job to opt for with a geography degree is the career of an environmental consultant. Their responsibility is to ensure the government as well as the commercial clients comply with regulations and address several environmental issues. 

This is primarily a varied role that typically focuses on identifying whether air, water, or even an area of land is polluted. The profession also offers the opportunity for a structured career path which should also have the ability of specializing in an area of interest. The average salary of an Environmental Consultant in India is over INR 6 lakhs.

Landscape Architect

One of the greatest as well as among the dream jobs which you might want to attain is the career of a Landscape Architect. Especially if candidates have a creative side that he or she is keen to explore, this job is a perfect fit for you. 

Landscape Architects are responsible for creating, designing, as well as managing the open spaces, which are located around us, and making sure that they not only provide an aesthetic view but are also sustainable and safe to use. Though, to become a landscape architect you generally need to have a master’s degree in Geography. The average salary of a landscape architect in India ranges from INR 4 to 6 lakhs.

Town Planner

A town planner is one of the most important jobs and is also in high demand in all careers. In this profession, you need to deal with the management as well as the development of not only towns, but with that, rural areas, villages, and cities. 

Town Planners need to put their analytical skills as well as knowledge for the betterment of the environment of a huge place and they also ensure that the developments are in line with various regulations and policies. You need to also check that the development is sustainable as well as natural environments are maximally preserved, on the other hand, you also need to satisfy the needs of local communities and businesses. The average salary of a town planner in India is INR 5 lakhs.


Last but not the least, among the top careers which come, which you can attain with a degree in Geography is the job of a teacher or even a lecturer in a reputed school, college or a university. Generally to be a professor at a college or a university you need to hold a Ph.D. degree in Geography, and a bachelor’s and master’s degree will enable you to become a teacher in the schools. They are the ones, for whom we build interest in Geography. They engage notes and make us understand the topics existing in the subject. The average salary of a geography teacher in India is INR 3.3 lakhs.

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