The Future of PTT (Push To Talk) Communications is Here, and It’s Over Cellular!

In a group, keeping track of everything being said can be challenging. You might miss out on an important detail or fail to follow the conversation because you weren’t listening. This problem might be even more common if you have friends who like to ramble.

Fortunately, there is a way that you and your pals can stay connected in these situations without having to shout back and forth constantly. You can use a PTT over cellular radio. Push to Talk (PTT) over cellular is a technical term for the ability to transmit voice or data communications via a cellular network or over the air. This technology was pioneered by the use of radios on aircraft and vehicles by military and emergency services.

PTT over cellular radio, or PoC, uses less power than continuous transmission, so it is more effective in battery-powered systems.

With the rise in mobile workforces and a global inclination towards the Internet of Things, Push to Talk over cellular radio plays an essential role in team communications. The global market value of the PoC market is estimated to rise to $25.2 billion by the year 2027.

How It Works

The devices that are PoC-compatible access the cellular infrastructure of mobile networks through a SIM card. The usage of PoC services is enabled through an app.

Services on the PoC network are hosted on the cloud. The PoC platform owns and operates privately hosted servers that host the PoC services.

What are the Advantages of PTT over Cellular Radio?

With PTT technology, you can enjoy several benefits when it comes to communication. Here are the primary ones listed for you newspinup:

1. Cheaper than traditional radio networks

Previously, it required enormous capital expenditure to set up a radio network with a significant range. With Push to Talk communication, the cost is reduced since it is fundamentally a subscription-based service. The only initial investments, in this case, would be for SIM cards and PoC devices.

2. No maintenance of infrastructure

PoC works over existing 3G, 4G, LTE, as well as WiFi networks. Thus, there is no need to set up any infrastructure to integrate the Push To Talk technology. As a result, operating costs are lowered.

3. Quick and easy deployment

A PTT over cellular radio can function with pre-installed SIM cards. Configuration of these devices is seamlessly completed with a web-based dispatch application. This way, you and your team are connected at all times, in no time and without much hassle igadgetnow!

4. Various calling capabilities

The technology of PoC allows users to make individual simultaneously and group calls to different sets of people through the mobile network. Moreover, specific PoC devices that have video capability offer video conferencing options foodiesfact.

5. Accurate location tracking

Devices being used for PoC are integrated with GPS. Thus, it is easy to track locations. This application is essential for personnel such as security guards and mobile patrol. Furthermore, the availability of Geo-Fencing on PTT over cellular radio devices set off alarms when guards enter dangerous territories or when patrols are moving off their defined path igadgetnewstoday.

Summing it up

PTT over cellular radio is meeting today’s growing security needs. It is creating a new market in communications and providing a lot of value to companies worldwide. With technology such as this, we will close in on seamless team communications soon!


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