The Basic Purpose of Education

The basic purpose of Education is to cultivate the human capacity for understanding and appreciation of feelings. It is also designed to improve people’s lives. Marx once said that all social life is practical. Despite the emphasis on economic development, individual development depends on a solid foundation in childhood. Education, by its very nature, attempts to provide a strong foundation for personal fulfillment. It can be a powerful tool in fostering individual responsibility. Consequently, the goal of education should be to make the world a better place for everyone.

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In 1990, the global literacy rate was seventy-six percent. Since then, several international initiatives have been made to increase this figure. The World Conference on Education for All, which was held in 1990, set the goal of “Education for All”. In 2000, the World Education Forum adopted the Dakar Framework for Action. The goal is to ensure universal access to quality basic education by 2015. These goals are part of the Millennium Development Goals, which promote gender equality, education, and environmental sustainability.

According to the UN Committee on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights, education is the wise cultivation of learning. It is the belief that all humans should be able to share the fruits of life. Therefore, education is the cultivation of wise and respectful knowledge. Education is not only a process of learning, but also a process of living together with others. This means embracing the truth and inviting possibility. If we are wise, we will not only be able to cultivate our own potential as individuals and as a community.

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