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Painting Ideas For Your Home

One of the most popular ways to make a room look more beautiful is to paint it. You can use decorative painting ideas to spice up the walls of your kitchen and bathroom. Even your ho-hum foyer can get a whole new look by painting one wall a bold color. For this look, you can use leftover paint from other rooms, and a few colorful pillows. Brick walls are also popular. You can paint the walls to resemble bricks by using a rectangular sponge.

When painting a bedroom wall, you can use the same color in various shades. Try using four different shades of the same color. Choose a pale shade for the base color, and then drop the other shades in saucer shapes. Once you’ve made your choices, use a wooden paint mixing stick and drag it down the canvas at an angle. Use different shades of the same color to make a unique design. To make your room look even better, apply two coats of the paint.

You can also use creative paint effects to add depth to your colour scheme. For instance, try mixing two different shades of grey in a textured pattern. This looks great, especially if you want to make a statement without wallpaper. This design is created using a flat emulsion, but it also looks great when complemented with bold furnishings. It also makes a bold piece of furniture sit better against the colours.

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