Men’s Blazer Styles and Types

An assortment of blazers should be part of any man’s wardrobe since they are an excellent alternative to a suit when you want to appear sharp without overdoing it. When shopping for a blazer, there is a slew of factors to keep in mind. What type of look do you want to achieve? What’s the best outfit to go with one? What is the best material to use? Blazer buying may be tough if you don’t know what you’re looking for, and this might put some people off. This article will show you how to create a blazer wardrobe that’s right for you; everything you need to know will be covered in detail.

Styles of Blazers For Men

Single-breasted blazers and double-breasted blazers are two of the most common jacket styles.

One, two, or three buttons are typical for single-breasted blazers and suit jackets, although you may come across a model with four or five buttons. From date evenings to formal events, they’re appropriate for various settings and are easy to wear. Due to this, a few single-breasted blazers are a good investment.

Regarding blazers, double-breasted ones come with two rows of buttons and a larger quantity of cloth that folds in the front. As a rule, these coats are much more formal than single-breasted blazers, and, hence, they don’t function well for more relaxed occasions. Double-breasted blazers may look fantastic when worn appropriately and at the correct formal event.

Types of Blazer Fabric

When looking for a blazer, you’ll come across a wide variety of fabrics, some of which are more suited for particular events than others.


Wool blazers are ideal for the fall and winter because of their ability to keep you cosy. They have a more official appearance, making them less suitable for casual events. They might be particularly useful for business or a smart-casual occasion if you want to appear well-dressed.

Wool blazers are available in various colours, from neutrals like light brown to more daring hues like burgundy and navy. Several styles of pants will go well with this, including dark jeans, dress pants, chinos, and even slacks.


Tweed blazers are similar to wool ones in that they tend to be more formal and keep you warm, making them ideal for the colder months. Tweed has several varieties, including twill, overcheck, striped, chequered, and herringbone tweed.

Again, a well-fitting pair of jeans or some elegant pants or chinos in a neutral colour would look excellent with a tweed jacket. If you’re up for the challenge, you may wear a pair of burgundy, green, or blue pants.


Lightweight and airy, linen blazers are ideal for the spring and summer. Due to their popularity during summer weddings, they are available in various colours, so you can always choose one that fits your taste. Blazers of linen tend to come in traditional colours like blue and beige, making them a fantastic addition to any outfit.

Twilled cotton

Due to its similar breathability to linen, cotton twill blazers are particularly well-suited for the hotter months of the year. It’s a little more formal, which is why it’s typically used to produce business attire.

Cotton twill is a great option when you’re searching for something that can be worn to a more formal event but is still comfortable enough to be worn for extended periods.

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