How to Check on Which Platform a Website is Built On

To figure out the platform a website is built on, you can dive into the source code. Inspecting HTML will show you how the website was created. Right-click on the page and choose “View source code.” This will show you the HTML used to create the web page. Then, search for the website builder’s name in the coding. You will then be able to determine the platform on which the website is built odisha discom.

Browser extensions are a great way to cut down on time and work. Extensions can tell you if a website is built on WordPress or another platform and what other features are included. You can download extensions for several browsers and try them out to determine the platform of any website. Alternatively, you can download Library Sniffer, which is a web technology detection tool. This extension can show you the specifics about a website’s source code, including the platform it is built on.

When choosing a platform, think about the level of technical and coding knowledge you have. Some platforms have steeper learning curves than others. Make sure you are comfortable with this before spending your hard earned money. Also, be sure to check on the platform’s ability to upgrade when necessary. A busy professional website may need direct support if errors occur. However, small personal blogs can rely on a community of users for assistance when problems arise.


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