Does Vaping Make Your Throat Sore?

Vape pens are battery-powered tools filled with a liquid solution of water, propylene glycol, and nicotine. These devices have cylindrical bodies and look similar to mobile devices, flash drives, or cigarettes.

These devices are marketed as safe cigarette alternatives in the market, explaining their popularity among young adults. Vape pens are also available online, like Juul, vaporesso, Smok Nord, etc.

However, vape users often complain of frequent sore throats. Unlike cigarette in which substances is burned, vaping is smoke-free and thus shouldn’t.

But it does.

Keep reading this article to learn how vaping works and why it causes a sore throat.

How does vaping work

When you inhale or take a puff from a vape pen, the device’s battery converts the solution into vapour. The act of inhaling this vapour is called vaping.

The flavoured liquid in vaping pens is held within an in-built tank in the device. When you breathe in from the mouthpiece, the heat source of the device activates, converting the liquid into steam.

The steam eases the assimilation process for your lungs, allowing for faster nicotine absorption in your bloodstream.

Vaping solution consists of three key ingredients, nicotine, Propylene glycol, Diacetyl, lead, chemicals, and vegetable glycerin.

Why does vaping cause a sore throat?

Sore throat is quite a common side-effect of vaping. However, if it’s a first for you, then here are a few possible reasons behind the dry hit.

Throat hit

The feeling associated with nicotin inhalation is known as ‘throat hit’. You may experience a throat hit because of the high temperature of the flavoured liquid, impacting the sensation when you inhale.

You can also feel a throat hit if you’re new to vaping and have just begun.

Nicotine withdrawal

A sore throat is a common nicotine withdrawal symptom. If the nicotine concentration of the flavoured solution is lower than your usual dose, it may lead to nicotine withdrawal and, consequently, a sore throat.

So, if you’ve happened to change your usual vaporesso pen brand, then ensure to check the nicotine concentration of the liquid.

High concentration of Propylene Glycol

High levels of propylene glycol in vape liquid can cause you a dry or sore throat. Keeping yourself hydrated is a major factor in keeping a propylene glycol imposed dry hit at bay.

Propylene glycol can cause mild-extreme irritation in your throat by drying it. Hence, ensure that you are mindfully drinking your fluids to avoid any such discomfort.

Volatile Diacetyl and organic compounds

Diacetyl, or food flavouring and organic compounds, primary ingredients in vape juice, are known for their throat inflammatory properties.

Keeping away from vaping for a few days will be beneficial to relieve your sore throat if it’s because of diacetyl.

Summing up

Electronic cigarettes have garnered a lot of steam in these few years among smoking addicts, young adults, and even teenagers.

While vape pens are comparatively safer options than a cigarette, if not carefully used can cause you a dry throat. Which can cause you quite a discomfort depending on the degree of irritation.

Therefore, it’ll be wise to rest your vaping activities for a while if you’re experiencing a sore throat. This will help you figure out the most probable reason behind your throat inflammation.

However, if the problem persists, do consult a certified health practitioner immediately.

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