Different Ways to Declutter Your Computer

Just like you must take out time to make sure that your room or wardrobe stays organized and clutter-free, it is very important to declutter your computer as well. One of the reasons for doing so is that it helps you find the files you want to access in a short time and improves the speed of your system as well. It also makes your computer more efficient as well. The best thing about it is that it is not at all difficult to do. You can simply use software to delete files you do not use or manually delete and move your files.

There are so many free software that can declutter your computer and keep it optimized at all times. For instance, Restoro, Ccleaner, Ashampoo, WinOptimizer, Razer Cortex, and many others. You can download them using Ziply Fiber internet. To make sure that your internet usage is more budget-friendly, use Ziply FIber Plans. Without further delay, let’s get to know more about decluttering your computer easily and making your life at work and home easier.

Search and Remove Old Apps Installed on Your PC

When you will set out to declutter your computer you will find so many old and unused files and applications installed. These applications often take up a large amount of space on your drive that you can use to install applications. Apart from that, you might have not updated many applications for a long time, as these apps can become a greater security threat to you in the future. To keep your machine running smoothly, at least take some time once a month and remove applications that you have not used.

If there are applications that are larger in size and you do not use them frequently, remove them. Likewise, if you find any applications that you use make sure that you have updated them up to the most recent version.

Clean Your Inbox

It might sound a lot messy and time-consuming to clean your inbox but it is very important as our inboxes are always flooding with emails. Many of these emails are from stores and other businesses and social media websites. The ultimate goal of many people is to have a decluttered inbox. If you think you are short on time and have a limited amount of time, you should delete only the older emails and notifications from social media websites.

Anything that you have in your inbox that is almost a year old should be removed. If there is something very important for you, you can simply download it on your computer. Decluttering your inbox helps you to get free space from the limited space offered by your Gmail account or any other mailing sites that you use.

Clear Your Browser

Browsers automatically store cookies that can get you a slow browsing experience. Cookies enable form autocompletes and automatic logins on different websites that you use. Your browser can also store a cached version of the different websites you have visited. The content on the websites you visited might change from time to time, but images and other settings do not change frequently. They are stored in browsers and load in an instant.

The cached version of the website minimizes the load time and also reduces the amount of time that you spend looking eagerly at progress bars.

It is a good idea that you clear your cache at least once a month. This will help you eliminate many problems that might arise from your cached information. Also, ensure that you have the most recent versions of your web pages to increase the performance of your PC.

Delete System Files That You Do Not Want

Your system accumulates a wide range of different files during operations. Some of them are related to the installation of applications and are not used again. Also, there are log files and error reports that are valid only until you launch a program after some time.

The problem here is that many people do not delete these files. To make sure this doesn’t happen to Windows users, Windows 10 has built-in tools that can help users clear out these files and free a good amount of space.


In the end, one can say that there is so much that you can do to declutter your PC and make your digital life easier. For many people, doing so can be a very challenging task but it can be made easy by using a few system settings and apps that are available online. Once you will get done decluttering your inbox and your PC, you will witness a change in your digital life and computer’s performance.

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